Remembering Mother ~ 1907-2008

Anne Ines Louie Proctor nee Angus ~ well into her eighties ! Taken from her funeral service sheet ~ 22nd December 2008
Cup bird feeder jammed into middle of box bush ~ there is one in each bush on each side or path, supported on wide wire springs ~ bloody cat !

To think, if she'd lived, Mother would have been 107 ~ yesterday was her birthday ~ to celebrate her life I attach the photo the family put on her funeral sheet which sums her up brilliantly ~ so lively, and cheerful, and in the tartan pinafore dress which she'd made herself and wore for years, with her favourite blouse, sitting in front of the bookcase where the poetry books lived, pouring tea from the much-loved tea pot which I believe had come down to her from her mother ~ into the blue bird tea cups which she loved ~ what a happy picture ~ what a happy creative and slightly mad mother we had !    I'm not sure I really appreciated her while she was with us ~ certainly not in my younger days !

Can't do any more tonight ~ tired and ~ wonders never cease ~ uncomfortably warm up here !!   I'll get my head round this tomorrow.  Oh ~ how lovely, Georgie's coming over again !   Good !

Friday 17th ~ didn't get much done today mainly because as usual it was impossioble to get on line until afternoon ~ had the happiest visit from Georgie, bless her, and she does sound a little better at last ~ wonderful peasant boule loaf with blue stilton and watercress, and then some super-duper coffee puds Georgie brought from Sainsbury's ~ we are both trying this astonishing self-healing system recommended by Annabel to be found at MIR-Methode ~ it's in Dutch but there is an English version with video ~ it's completely FREE and in spite of being so simple does seem to work ~ have a go !   That's enough for tonight !   xx Joy xx

Saturday 18th : Good news from St Ives ~ Agi drove over to pick Ben up from Birmingham Hospital following his appendix op on Monday ~ so he's safe back home to recuperate but feeling pretty ghastly still and being terribly sick, poor lad.   Here Rosemary popped in to pick up Mick's birthday present and have achat ~ couldn't think what to get him, but down to Holland & Barrett which is only a few steps beyond Anderson's Paper shop for nuts and dates for him ~ such a short distance but was not sure I would make it hme ~ I am afraid I really must be on the way out !  And so much still to do !  After waking from flop settled down to finish this gripping novel Ellen lent me : "The Other Child" by Charlotte LINK, a German novelist though the story is set firmly in Scarborough and surrounds ~ brilliantly translated into English by Stefan Tobler.  I've held on to it rather a long time and other friends are waiting to get their hands on it.

Every morning, as I've probably told you, I put birdseed out in the two little RSPB cup feeders which I've jammed into the box bushes ~ the pigeons have come to expect their breakfast and sit on the roof of the porch expectantly ~ if it's raining, they seem to station a look out there to let them know when food appears ~ if I haven't filled the feeding cups by about 8am they set up a great cackle in case I've forgotten them.   That's how it has been for several years until ... oh dear !  Earlier this week I caught sight of a nasty little black cat struggling up the steps outside the kitchen window with a dead bird in its mouth ~ then I discovered this cat sits all day underneath the far box bush to pounce out when the birds are feeding ~ I suspect he must scramble up the lilac tree to grab one ~ the birds have obviously got wise to this and no longer take the seed ~ the feeders are still full by late afternoon though if I have the door open hanging washing out or whatever they suddenly all appear and crowd round the feeders in a frenzy ~ they must know the cat won't bother them while I am around ~ I quite like cats and in our Winchester days we always had one (and dogs too) but I'm afraid I've taken to getting the hose out of the shed for water canon practice ~ bloody cat !

Just read in paper that what is thought to be the thigh bone of King Alfred has been discovered in a box in Winchester City Museum store room ~ there's a programme about the find on Tuesday, I see ~ I worked in the City Museum for two or three years, as secretary not Archaeologist ~ carbon dating seems to confirm the theory so that's exciting ~ keeping up sides with Richard 111 and all that !

I'm trying to learn how to enlarge and more often reduce the size of pictures on my brilliant printer ~ if I copy anything of A4 size it comes out on one of those beastly pfi copies and no way can I transfer it onto the blog ~ I hope Ellen will pop in tomorrow and help me ~ I've printed out the instruction sheet but cannot see the symbols that appear on the printer telling me what to do ~ they are very small and very pale and come up in a tiny slit no more than 3" long and half an inch wide (can't type HALF on this blog !)   Fingers crossed.

The eight surviving Angus sisters ~ my Mother Louie next to the bottom, and in fact 12th of the 13 Angus children

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beth smith - nee bocock | Reply 26.03.2016 10.39

doing a famly tree; Maud knott's daughter, Beth. Maud was a proctor, married ernest bocock who died on 19th December, 1939. Maud remarried harry knott in 1942

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14.03 | 05:51

Hi Joy, came across your blog while researching the Sanders, thanks for the interesting read about them and your lovely house.

27.10 | 11:43

Michael ~ happily ~ and good luck ~ I'd like to know the outcome ~ joy peach

26.10 | 14:33

I am in the same position. Amazingly, your case R(IS)1/93 - CIS/270/1991 is being used against me. Clearly, it got more complicated. Can I quote your blog? Mike

28.05 | 15:41

Hello Joy. We have a new Merrywood Grammar group on Facebook if you would like to take a look -

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