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My Wild West coffee pot !

Praise the Lord !

Mothering Sunday cards and flowers ~ gorgeous !

Only time for a quickie tonight ~ last of those wonderful CANAL TRIPS at 9pm ~ but had to record that after Annabel's healing session yesterday, I suddenly decided I felt strong enough to have a bath ~ HALLELUYA ~ haven't been able to bath for months, not since October ~ mind, I have a shower every night but that's not the same at all !   This must mean that thanks to Annabel and Richard the Physio and the anti-inflammatory drugs I'm truly on the mend !!!

Afraid I spent most of the morning reading the Peggy Angus book ~ I had read it when I first received my copy, but that was way back in 2004 ~ and Sue popped in for a chat ~ and our Health Centre rang to ask me to take part in a survey of the over-80s, measuring our memory ~ an Alzheimer alert exercise, I guess.   The Clock Man's wife is coming for a Tarot reading at 9 in the morning so must get all ready tonight ~ had lovely visit from Georgie on Saturday with flowers and chocs for Mother's Day and some money in with card, bless her !   Cards from Will and Kate, with more enclosures ~ they are all very good to me.   Letter of refusal arrived from Attendance Allowance folk but with opportunity to query their refusal ~ I hope Di will write on my behalf as she has spent her life with Social Services and knows what's what.  

I'll put more of Peggy's pictures into her gallery when I can fathom out how to reproduce them from the book ~ I will try taking close-up pics with camera ~ do not want to remove any for fear of damaging them ~ I'm putting my mind to it.

Tuesday afternoon ~ 1st April : Hadn't thought of it before, but trying to work out how I could capture the vitality of PEGGY ANGUS for you, I looked her up on Google and lo-and-behold  there is masses of stuff ~ along with her life story, pictures of her tiles, her wallpapers, her friends and dozens of her own pictures ~ I was beginning to feel quite overwhelmed by her life and works, and letting her down with my inadequate effort to capture her spirit, but better if I leave you to look her up on Google.

There is one thing I will tell you however ~ after poor Angus had died, Peggy was given a sabbatical year from the North London Collegiate School and a scholarship to go out to Bali and study the native art there.  One day she and a Balinese friend stumbled across some kind of a seance in a hut ~ of course, Peggy didn't understand anything that was being said, except that the name ANGUS kept cropping up ~ it turned out that the medium was getting through to this lad called Angus who had only recently "passed over", right, and somehow knew Peggy was there but his message to his mother was practically drowned out by laughter ~ yes, LAUGHTER from beyond the grave !!   This cheered her up no end.

But Peggy could be quite cruel ~ no, that's a bit harsh ~ unkind, heartless maybe.  One of my brothers loved Furlongs and in his teens went there every summer holiday to help the farmer, Dick Freeman, with the harvest.   Later, when he was grown up and married with children, his whole family would go to Furlongs at harvest time.  One year, phoning Peggy to check that this was OK, he was taken aback to be told, "No ~ not that week ~ I've already agreed that that boring boy of Louie's can be here."   "I think it's me, you're talking about, Peggy.   I'm that boring boy."   At which Peggy just shrieked with laughter ~  and never mind how painful it was for my brother.

Her funeral was held up at the dry dewpond above Furlongs ~ her ashes had been mixed with those of her son's who had died years earlier and put in the belly of an incredible red papier mache calf ~ with all her friends and loved ones around the bonfire, and wine and music to help them on their way, the red calf was placed on the fire and Angus and Peggy were swept away to eternity. 

Carolyn Trant tells us that for Peggy  dull sad funerals were out, and for her a funeral should be a glorious colourful celebration of life ~ I think they did her proud !  I'm afraid I still can't find the pictures Kate and Georgie took of Peggy's Last Party, but I have managed to gently remove one of the RED CALF from the Peggy Angus book and I'll scan it for you here.

Thursday evening  : I must quote this from Carolyn Trant's book : having recently been to a Quaker funeral, Peggy had suggested compiling a collection of quotations for non-religious funerals : "We must all have a great ceilidh when we gather at the river, or start casting down our golden crowns around the glassy sea . . . under the wide and starry sky/dig the grave and let me lie ~ or as her father often said, "Cheer up Peggy, you'll soon be dead . . .  It's a short life, but a gay one . . .

At Midsummer in what would have been Peggy's 90th year a farewell party was organised ~ it was held at the dry dewpond, the site of so many happy events ~ Janet Kennedy made a large papier mache effigy of the Red Angus bull calf in which the ashes of both Peggy and Angus were mixed and then it was stuffed with fireworks and garlanded with flowerrs ~ as darkness fell it was put on the bonfire and burned with thunderous explosions to a rousing chorus of "She's off with the raggle-taggle gypsies oh."   At which, Carolyn writes, We all cheered and cooked our supper in the dying flames knowing that without her life would never be quite the same again.

The Red Calf in which Peggy and Angus were whooshed off to Heaven !

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14.03 | 05:51

Hi Joy, came across your blog while researching the Sanders, thanks for the interesting read about them and your lovely house.

27.10 | 11:43

Michael ~ happily ~ and good luck ~ I'd like to know the outcome ~ joy peach

26.10 | 14:33

I am in the same position. Amazingly, your case R(IS)1/93 - CIS/270/1991 is being used against me. Clearly, it got more complicated. Can I quote your blog? Mike

28.05 | 15:41

Hello Joy. We have a new Merrywood Grammar group on Facebook if you would like to take a look - https://www.facebook.com/groups/509432799238158/

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