End of an Era

Well, Eddy's sweet peas really ~ the colours ! the scent ! gorgeous !
Sue's sweet peas !!

Life without my Guardian !

Aah !!  Hadn't realised that Saturday's was the last Guardian I would ever read !   Gowan brought me up today's copy but in fact he'd paid for it himself and wouldn't let me reimburse him ~ after a good FIFTY YEARS with it, how am I going to fare without a daily dose of intelligent and liberal ideas !   Am tempted to sign up for the WEEKLY GUARDIAN which would be delivered, especially as right now they have an offer of £1 per issue for the first six weeks ~ tried to sign up on their website but the application form froze on screen ~ will try again later.   Sue came, bless her, for an extra hour to make sure all is clean and tidy for Natasha's visit tomorrow though it sounds as if she will scarcely have time to pop her head in the door.   Annabel coming to give me healing yesterday told me that if they film in the house there will probably be a payment ~ her house was used in one of the Heart Beat films, only one room, and only for an afternoon, and she was paid £250 and that was some years ago ~ fingers crossed !   Off to Saul Black the Foot Man

Tuesday 8th ~ 4pm : Natasha came with a colleague and they seemed interested in my house and the yard ~ this week they are travelling around North Yorkshire looking at various Secret Places ~ they will let me know in a couple of weeks if Whitby Yards will feature in the series ~ if so, it will be Ellie and Adam presenting the programme (Country File presenters).   I was quite limp with so much excitement, and then Sainsbury's delivery came ~ it always takes an hour to put everything away ~ I was ready for more fruit : apricots, raspberries, blue berries, tangerines and apples so this should keep me going a couple of weeks.  Now that I know I can put milk in the freezer, I get 3 x 1 litre jugs and they will last me a fortnight as well.   Only things I forgot was onions so hope Ellen will bring me some tomorrow ~ I always seem to forget something !

A gorgeous day and baking hot.  The Ingrams have been up the yard re-building the steep steps behind the White House ~ they all looked proudly at my high wall which they built all those years ago ~ the work was finished on March 7th 2007 when we inserted a time capsule behind it ~ two brothers and their old Dad now 82 working away and carrying enormous slabs of stone up to the site.  Time to remind you of the Ingram's beautiful wall ~ can't find one right now ~ I'll look again tomorrow.

Sue brought me a bunch of sweet peas yesterday from Eddy's allotment ~ the sitting room is bathed in their scent ~ I'll get us a photo before they fade.

I should really scan through all these entries and note down the subject of each, but can't be bothered right now, so here's my feelings about the RAINBOW upon which my colour readings are based, though I may have given it to you already and it's buried deep in the 215 blogs ~ today I see that I have had over 100,000 hits ~ 100,402 !!   I'm so pleased I started this ~ it enables me get down so much that I have been wanting / trying to say for years !

As I see it, in the RAINBOW we have a metaphor for health and happiness.  The secret of fulfilment, with room for all the different aspects of life ~ physical (RED), emotional (BLUE), spiritual (PURPLES) and intellectual YELLOW) ~ with everything in moderation and all of the colours in balance with nothing ignored or rejected.   And no colour dominating the others.  No egomaniacs (too much RED) or fitness fanatics (too much GREEN) or indeed religious maniacs (too much VIOLET).

For those who believe in REINCARNATION the rainbow could symbolise the soul's journey through eternity.  Perhaps we start our earthly quest with a RED life the purpose of which is to establish the ego qualities particular to ourself, to ground ourself physically and familiarise ourself with the physical world.

Down the ages, the soul might progress through all the colours of the spectrum according to the use we have made of the potential we have been allotted : a RED life, an ORANGE life . . . an INDIGO life, a VIOLET life until finally at the point of enlightenment we escape the cycle of life and death for ever.

If we fail to learn the lessons of the GREEN life, let's say, we might have to live it again and again until we are ready to move on to the BLUE cycle.

In my ribbon alalyses, I have scracely ever been presented with a bunch of ribbons in the colours of the RAINBOW.   And as far as I remember, never have the colours of the ribbons been chosen in their chromatic sequence.

Once a four year old child chose the rainbow colours ~ as far as I could determine she was not consciously making a rainbow but chose her colours quite spontaneously.  I wonder, was this a sign that she was still "trailing clouds of glory . . ." from a previous life ?

The Bible tells us the RAINBOW was a sign of God's promise, but to my mind it is more than that ~ it is a symbol of the goal we should all be striving towards ~ a harmonious mixture of the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual elements of life.  A perfect blend of the primary colours ~ RED, YELLOW and BLUE, which between them and including all their combinations, should produce health, happiness and fulfilment.

To my way of thinking, life is a quest, a personal quest for enlightenment   A RAINBOW quest.   Subconsciously each one of us is striving to create a RAINBOW out of the raw mmaterial at our disposal ~ our gifts, the opportunities that come our way, the love, the pain, the joy, the disappointment, the guilt, the small triumphs ~ our individual experience of life.

And when things are going wrong for us, perhaps it is because we have forgotten our quest, lost our way ~ and need to turn to drink or drugs or psychiatry !   Just my personal philosophy, folks, but maybe worth thinking about.

Oh ~ I must tell you this ~ earlier my friends Anthea came round to talk about the TV researchers' visit as the two girls had gone on to them from here.   The poor soul has frightful sciatica and could scarcely shuffle off home.  Seeing her in such difficulty and pain, I rang Annabel who has been giving me healing for my hip (and which makes a big difference), hoping she would go and do the same for my friend ~ and just ten minutes ago (8.40pm) here's Anthea come to tell me that Annabel called in this very afternoon and did her healing magic so that Anthea felt strong enough to come round here again, without a stick, and walking much more easily !  So isn't that wonderful.   Chris and Anthea / Annie are such dears I knew Annabel would be happy to meet them and it turns out that they were good friends with Annabel's husband's Dad !    Noody knows how this healing works BUT IT SEEMS TO !!



I'm not sure if this is Peggy's picture of our Lustleigh orchard or Mother's ~ all the Angus girls were artistic.

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14.03 | 05:51

Hi Joy, came across your blog while researching the Sanders, thanks for the interesting read about them and your lovely house.

27.10 | 11:43

Michael ~ happily ~ and good luck ~ I'd like to know the outcome ~ joy peach

26.10 | 14:33

I am in the same position. Amazingly, your case R(IS)1/93 - CIS/270/1991 is being used against me. Clearly, it got more complicated. Can I quote your blog? Mike

28.05 | 15:41

Hello Joy. We have a new Merrywood Grammar group on Facebook if you would like to take a look - https://www.facebook.com/groups/509432799238158/

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