Fancy Net Curtain

New lacy net curtain in my bedroom ~ frill simply tacked down, and as I can no longer see to thread a needle, with thick blue wool !

A useful day

Soft green curtain at front door with ribbon selection alonside

Up late again and had a bath before making tea ~ such a luxury this late start.   Mary came in again with more bits and pieces that I might find useful but I refused all except some frozen smoked fish which will make lovely kedgeree ~ there seemed no ill feeling that I'd returned their turkey debris, so that's good.  They are moving next Saturday and when they get back from Portugal their newly built and freshly furnished luxury pre-fab will be ready for them at Saltburn ~ the yard will never be the same again.   Changed my sheets and duvet cover ready for Dalewood Laundry in the morning ~ and yes, I will give them the beautiful Christmas Cake Jean gave me ~ for their tea break ~ it's OK ~ Jean & Parry are not on the internet so don't read my blog ~ I would not like to hurt their feelings.

I'd run out of BLUE bags for recycling and what with Christmas wrappings, no-one had any left though Mary told me there are piles of them in the Tourist Office for free ~ such a cold bright morning, I was considering going over there myself when Ellen, bless her, turned up with half-a-dozen so I can deal with recycling needs until the bin men come on Saturday.   A couple of weeks back, more or less when I realised how worn the sunflower net curtain is, I ordered a new net from Amazon, but by mistake got a very long one ~ maybe I could ask Sue to turn it up for me, or Georgie, on their sewing machines.   Meanwhile I had a go ~ pinned about 8" over to make a bit of a pelmet intending to stitch neatly along but oh dear found I couldn't see to thread a needle, not even with a proper 'needle threader' ~ however (nothing venture ...)  threaded a big needle with 4 ply blue wool and simply tacked the frill down ~ it's a bit lopsided but not bad for the time being.

Tuesday 30th: Oh blast ~ typed up a good chunk of this but then looked for appropriate pictures before I'd clicked on "save and preview"  which meant all fresh material was lost !   Silly of me, and infuriating ~ I've only done it a couple of times before so should know better.   Monday was pretty busy again ~ Sue came first thing and hoovered this floor, stairs and kitchen.  I knew Lucy was coming after lunch ~ she was upset about something or other and needed to let off steam ~ gave her the 100 favourite poems and that seemed to cheer her up a bit.   Then Annabel came, bringing the third of her darling grand daughters with her ~ Imogen, aged 8, in a really wacky knitted hat with owl eyes and ears !   Such a friendly child ~ the two of them went round the house, Imogen with the torch to deal with the lower landing where the light bulb has gone ~ and Praise the Lord Dave, Annabel's lovely TALL husband will come on Thursday and fit new one for me.   Imogen showed me the bits and pieces of crystal she'd bought with her Christmas money from the shop in Grape Lane ~ and then they produced the most glorious glowing piece of opalite for me !   It's glowing in green, lime, yellos and sometimes there's a flash of blue !!    Such loving friends.   When everyone had gone I put a potato in the oven to bake while I had a bath ~ having 'lost' my blog entry I gave up and settled down to read by the fire most of the evening ~ had half intended to watch Mapp & Lucia but too silly, false and pretentious by half, so did the ironing before bed.


It must be the Aga-warmed kitche but my hyacinths are in full flower already and today two of them were falling over so I cut them off and put them in a jam jar ~ wonder whether, like last year, there will be further flowers from each bulb !!

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Susan Pickering | Reply 29.12.2014 21.36

Just caught up with your blog Joy over the last week or so. Ahh happy Christmas.

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14.03 | 05:51

Hi Joy, came across your blog while researching the Sanders, thanks for the interesting read about them and your lovely house.

27.10 | 11:43

Michael ~ happily ~ and good luck ~ I'd like to know the outcome ~ joy peach

26.10 | 14:33

I am in the same position. Amazingly, your case R(IS)1/93 - CIS/270/1991 is being used against me. Clearly, it got more complicated. Can I quote your blog? Mike

28.05 | 15:41

Hello Joy. We have a new Merrywood Grammar group on Facebook if you would like to take a look -

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